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Doctoral Dissertation

Identification of Competencies for the Professional Component of a Program for Training Nursery School Teachers in Guyana

Available from: ProQuest - Dissertations and Theses

Americas, Guyana, Latin America and the Caribbean, South America

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Abstract/Notes: The purpose of this study was to identify competencies for the professional component of a program for preparing nursery school teachers in Guyana. It incorporated a definition of the purposes of the national Nursery Education Program in Guyana and a definition of the behaviors associated with teaching in the nursery schools through: (1) A review of the literature encompassing programs for young children; roles of teachers in programs for young children; competencies for teachers of young children and competency-based teacher education. (2) The development of an interview schedule to gather data about the purposes of nursery schools and the behaviors associated with teaching in the nursery schools in Guyana. (3) Use of the interview schedule to conduct personal interviews with uncertified teachers, certified teachers, supervisors, parents and lecturers attached to the Nursery Education Program in Guyana. (4) Content analysis of the responses to the interview questions. The data indicated that the respondents were aware of the purposes of nursery schools and what constitutes effective teaching in these schools. The information generated through the analysis provided the basis for the formulation of competencies for nursery school teachers in Guyana. The identified competencies are overarching; stated as behaviors to be demonstrated by certified nursery school teachers; and are categorized under the goals of the Guyana Nursery Education Program.

Language: English

Published: New York City, New York, 1982

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