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Die beiden TrinomischenWürfel - Zu einem Arbeitskreis Mathematik [The two trinomial cubes - to a mathematics working group]

Book Title: Montessori-Pädagogik in Deutschland: Rückblick - Aktualität - Zukunftsperspektiven ; 40 Jahre Montessori-Vereinigung e.V. [Montessori Pedagogy in Germany: Review - Current Issues - Future Perspectives 40 years of the Montessori Association]

Pages: 252-256

Europe, Germany, Trinomial cube, Western Europe

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Language: German

Published: Münster, Germany: Lit, 2002

ISBN: 978-3-8258-5746-2

Series: Impulse der Reformpädagogik , 7

Master's Thesis

Nekatere značilnosti pouka matematike po pedagoških načelih pedagogike Montessori [Some Characteristics of Mathematics Instruction According to Pedagogical Principles of Montessori Pedagogy]

Available from: Digital Library of the University of Maribor (DKUM)

Mathematics education, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Abstract/Notes: V magistrskem delu analiziramo nekatere značilnosti pouka matematike po pedagoških načelih pedagogike Montessori in predstavimo, kakšen odnos imajo učenci osnovne šole Montessori do pouka matematike. Magistrsko delo je razčlenjeno na teoretični in empirični del. V teoretičnem delu najprej predstavimo Mario Montessori, ki je z opazovanjem otrok začela spreminjati pogled na vzgojo, šolo in učenje ter razvila novo metodo poučevanja, metodo Montessorijeve. Spoznamo se z omenjeno metodo, s principi, ki so temeljni za vzgojo po metodi Montessori, spoznamo temelje pedagogike Montessori, kjer so otrok, odrasli in okolje med seboj enakovredno povezani. V nadaljevanju predstavimo delovanje osnovne šole Montessori. Posebno pozornost namenimo pedagogiki Montessori pri matematiki in primerjamo učna načrta javne osnovne šole in osnovne šole Montessori ter predstavimo razvojne materiale s področja matematike na predšolski stopnji, 1. in 2. triadi. Zadnji del teoretičnega dela namenimo predstavitvi nekaterih prednosti in omejitev pedagogike Montessori in iščemo podobnosti in razlike med konstruktivističnim načinom poučevanja z načinom poučevanja po metodi Montessori. V empiričnem delu analiziramo in interpretiramo rezultate opazovanja pouka, ki je bilo izvedeno med učenci druge in tretje triade (od četrtega do devetega razreda) osnovne šole Montessori. Zanimale so nas aktivnosti učitelja v splošnem in posebej med samostojnim delom učencev, aktivnosti učencev v splošnem in posebej med njihovim samostojnim delom, v kolikšni meri je prisotno medvrstniško učenje in kakšen je odnos učencev do pouka matematike. [The aims of the master’s thesis were to analyse some of the characteristics of mathematics education according to the pedagogical principles of Montessori pedagogy and present the attitude of Montessori elementary school students towards mathematics lessons. In the theoretical part, Maria Montessori, the person who developed a new teaching method – the Montessori method, was presented. Furthermore, the Montessori method, the fundamental principles of Montessori education and the foundations of Montessori pedagogy were presented. Next, the functioning of Montessori elementary school. A great attention was given to Montessori pedagogy in mathematics. The curriculums of public elementary school and Montessori elementary school were compared. Moreover, the Montessori mathematics materials at pre-elementary level, first triad and second triad were presented. In the final section of the theoretical part, some of the advantages and disadvantages of Montessori pedagogy were presented, as well as the similarities and differences between the constructivist teaching method and the Montessori method. In the empirical part, the results of the observed lesson that had been carried out among students of the second and third triad (from fourth to ninth grade) of Montessori elementary school were analysed and interpreted. The aims of the observation were to determine the teachers’ and students’ activities in general and during the students’ independent work, as well as the presence of peer learning. The research also focused on the attitude of students towards mathematics lessons.]

Language: Slovenian

Published: Maribor, Slovenia, 2018

Book Section

Mental Organisation Through Mathematics

Book Title: Creative Development in the Child: The Montessori Approach

Pages: 94-97

Asia, Child development, India, Maria Montessori - Speeches, addresses, etc., Maria Montessori - Writings, Organization, South Asia

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Abstract/Notes: Maria Montessori lectured in Italian during the first International Montessori Course in 1939 at Madras, India. These 75 lectures were translated into English by her son Mario, as she spoke. And were taken down near verbatim in short hand, transcribed and set into galleys overnight. One such set of proofs forms the original manuscript for this book. For the most part, each chapter in this book encompasses a single lecture. The lectures are left in the same order as they were given, swinging between psychology and the use of the materials. India’s diversity of language, social custom and religious practice enriched her research. During this time, Dr. Montessori worked with children in Madras and put into practice her theories of adapting the environment, furniture and the Practical Life materials to local conditions. In these lectures, Maria Montessori speaks with the mature wisdom of a lifetime spent studying, not just early childhood, but human development as a whole and gives a complete, wonderful and colorful overview of her pedagogy and philosophy.

Language: English

Published: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, 2020

ISBN: 978-90-79506-52-1

Series: The Montessori Series , 24

Book Section

Mathematikleistungen von Schülerinnen und Schülern vierter Klassenin Montessorieinrichtungen und Regelvolksschulen [Mathematics performance of fourth grade students in Montessori institutions and mainstream schools]

Book Title: Untersuchungen und Ansätze zur Weiterentwicklung der Montessori-Pädagogik in Österreich [Investigations and approaches for the further development of Montessori pedagogy in Austria]

Pages: 125-147

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Language: German

Published: Innsbruck, Germany: Studien Verlag, 2009

Edition: 1st ed.

ISBN: 978-3-7065-4721-5 3-7065-4721-X

Series: Initiative neues Lernen

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