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✓ Peer Reviewed

The Ambiguity of Professing Gender: Women Educationists and New Education in the Netherlands (1890–1940)

Available from: Taylor and Francis Online

Publication: Paedagogica Historica: International Journal of the History of Education, vol. 44, no. 4

Pages: 379-396

Europe, Feminism, Holland, Netherlands, New Education Fellowship, New Education Movement, Western Europe

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Language: English

DOI: 10.1080/00309230802218207

ISSN: 0030-9230, 1477-674X


Proceedings from AMI Study Conference, August 1982, Nordwijkerhout, The Netherlands

AMI Study Conference, Conferences

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Language: English

Published: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Association Montessori Internationale, 1983

Book Section

Reflections of Montessori in the Netherlands: Fidelity - Adaptation Debate

Book Title: Perspectives on Montessori

Pages: 139-160

Europe, Holland, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Netherlands, Western Europe

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Language: English

Published: Deventer, The Netherlands: Saxion Progressive Education University Press, 2022

Edition: 1st edition

ISBN: 978-94-92618-56-6

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