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✓ Peer Reviewed

Differences in Mathematics Scores Between Students Who Receive Traditional Montessori Instruction and Students Who Receive Music Enriched Montessori Instruction

Available from: University of California eScholarship

Publication: Journal for Learning Through the Arts, vol. 3, no. 1

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Abstract/Notes: While a growing body of research reveals the beneficial effects of music on education performance the value of music in educating the young child is not being recognized. If research of students in the school system indicates that learning through the arts can benefit the ‘whole’ child, that math achievement scores are significantly higher for those students studying music, and if Montessori education produces a more academically accomplished child, then what is the potential for the child when Montessori includes an enriched music curriculum? The decision to support music cannot be made without knowing music’s effect on academic achievement and its contribution to a student’s education. This study was an experimental design using a two-group post-test comparison. A sample of 200 Montessori students aged 3-5 years-old were selected and randomly placed in one of two groups. The experimental treatment was an “in-house” music enriched Montessori program and children participated in 3 half-hour sessions weekly, for 6 months. The instrument used to measure mathematical achievement was the Test of Early Mathematics Ability-3 (Barody & Ginsburg) to determine if the independent variable, music instruction had any effect on students’ math test scores. The results showed that subjects who received music enriched Montessori instruction had significantly higher math scores and when compared by age group, 3 year-old students had higher scores than either the 4 year-old or 5 year-old children. This study shows that an arts-rich curriculum has a significant positive effect on young students academic achievement.This comprehensive research presents developmentally appropriate early education curriculum for children from 2 through 6 years old and addresses some of the most compelling questions about early experience, such as how important music is to early brain development. Contemporary theories and practices of music education including strategies for developing pitch, vocal, rhythmic, instrumental, listening, movement and creative responses in children are presented. It explores the interrelationship of music and academic development in children, and demonstrates how music can enhance and accelerate the learning process. This study combines the best of research and practical knowledge to give teachers the necessary tools to educate tomorrow's musicians. It is essential reading for all students and teachers of young children.

Language: English

DOI: 10.21977/D93110059

ISSN: 1932-7528

Book Section

Maria Montessori e la scuola attiva [Maria Montessori and the active school]

Book Title: Maria Montessori cittadina del mondo [Maria Montessori, citizen of the world]

Pages: 243-249

Conferences, International Montessori Congress (11th, Rome, Italy, 26-28 September 1957), Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Abstract/Notes: Relazione svolta da Mons. Jean Maroun, rappresentante del Libano all'UNESCO, in occasione dell'XI Congresso Internazionale Montessori, tenutosi a Roma dal 26 al 28 settembre 1957 sul tema: "Maria Montessori e il pensiero pedagogico contemporaneo" (v. volume Atti, pubblicato nella Serie Ed. Vita dell'Infanzia, 1958). [Report given by Msgr. Jean Maroun, representative of Lebanon to UNESCO, on the occasion of the XI International Montessori Congress, held in Rome from 26 to 28 September 1957 on the theme: "Maria Montessori and contemporary pedagogical thought" (see volume Atti , published in the Vita dell'Infanzia Ed. Series, 1958).]

Language: Italian

Published: Roma, Italy: Comitato italiano dell'OMEP, 1967

Maria Montessori nel giudizio della pedagogia italiana dal 1945 ai nostri giorni [Maria Montessori in the judgment of Italian pedagogy from 1945 to the present day]

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Language: Italian

Published: Roma, Italy, 1985


Montessori ili Waldorf?: knjiga za roditelje i pedagoge [Montessori or Waldorf?]

Alternative education, Maria Montessori - Philosophy, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Rudolf Steiner - Philosophy, Waldorf method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Abstract/Notes: Translation of: "Montessori oder Waldorf?"

Language: Croatian

Published: Zagreb, Croatia: Educa, 1997

ISBN: 953-6101-22-X 978-953-6101-22-1

Series: Educa , 29


Die Montessori-Bewegung in Rumänien [The Montessori Movement in Romania]

Publication: Montessori Today (London), vol. 1, no. 4

Pages: 22

Eastern Europe, Europe, Montessori method of education, Romania

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Language: German

ISSN: 0952-8652


Montessori Erziehung in Familie/Kinderhaus/Schule: Ein Buch für Eltern und Kinderfreunde mit vielen Bildern [Montessori education in the family/children's home/school: A book for parents and friends of children with many pictures]

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Abstract/Notes: Distributed by the Deutsche Montessori-Gesellschaft with the October 1927 issue of their periodical "Montessori-Nachrichten".

Language: German

Published: Berlin, Germany: Deutsche Montessori-Gesellschaft, [1927]


Az "Opera Montessori" új elnöke [The new president of "Opera Montessori"]

Available from: Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár

Publication: Néptanítók Lapja, vol. 64, no. 8

Pages: 27

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Abstract/Notes: [On February 16 of this year, due to Gentile's resignation, the "Opera Montessori" association elected a new president in the person of Emilio Bodrero, the vice president of the House. The next work plan of the association will be established by the new president.]

Language: Hungarian

Master's Thesis

El mètode Montessori a Catalunya a través de revistes i publicacions periòdiques (1911-2014) [The Montessori method in Catalonia through journals and periodicals (1911-2014)]

Available from: Universitat de Vic - Institutional Repository

Europe, Southern Europe, Spain

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Abstract/Notes: Maria Montessori (1870-1952), doctora i pedagoga, va dedicar la vida a l’estudi de l’infant. A partir de les seves observacions va elaborar un mètode pedagògic en el qual el centre era el nen i propiciava la resolució de les seves necessitats. El seu mètode va estendre’s per tot el món, arribant a Catalunya l’any 1911 a través d’un article a la revista Feminal. L’any 1914 es va dur a terme per primera vegada a la Casa de Maternitat de Barcelona una experiència d’aplicació del mètode Montessori. Des d’aquell moment l’ interès pel mètode va anar en creixement, sent molts els mestres i pedagogs interessats en ell. Aquest fet va provocar que fins i tot la mateixa Maria Montessori va viure durant un període a Catalunya. En aquest treball hem analitzat 95 articles publicats a Catalunya des del 1911 al 2014, any de celebració del centenari de la primera aula Montessori a Barcelona, per tal de valorar la repercussió que aquests articles podien haver tingut en la difusió i impuls del mètode a Catalunya. [Maria Montessori (1870-1952), a doctor and pedagogue, dedicated her life to the study of the child. From his observations he elaborated a pedagogical method in which the center was the child and favored the resolution of his needs. Her method spread all over the world, arriving in Catalonia in 1911 through an article in the magazine Feminal. In 1914, an experiment in the application of the Montessori method was carried out for the first time at the Barcelona Maternity Home. From that moment on, interest in the method grew, with many teachers and educators interested in it. This fact caused that even the same Maria Montessori lived during a period in Catalonia. In this work we have analyzed 95 articles published in Catalonia from 1911 to 2014, the year of the centenary of the first Montessori classroom in Barcelona, ​​in order to assess the impact that these articles could have had on the dissemination and promotion of the method in Catalonia.]

Language: Catalan

Published: Vic, Spain, 2017


La méthode Montessori aux Refuges de Saint-Sulpice et de Fontenay-aux-Roses; une curieuse expérience d'enseignement sur les petits réfugiés [The Montessori method at the Refuges of Saint-Sulpice and Fontenay-aux-Roses; a curious teaching experience on small refugees]

Available from: Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) - Gallica

Publication: Journal des Réfugiés du Nord (Paris, France)

Pages: 1-2

Displaced communities, Europe, France, Refugees, Western Europe

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Language: French


Is the Montessori Method to be Introduced Into Irish Schools? I: The Montessori Principles

Available from: Google Books

Publication: Irish Monthly, vol. 52, no. 609

Pages: 118-124

Europe, Ireland, Northern Europe

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Language: English

ISSN: 2009-2113

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