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The Montessori School

Publication: Cape Times (Cape Town, South Africa)

Africa, South Africa, Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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Abstract/Notes: Includes a photo of "Miss [Constance] Marriott", "a Montessori expert whose school, 'Balgay', has become famous."

Language: English


Art: An Essential Component of Cosmic Education

Publication: Communications: Journal of the Association Montessori Internationale (2009-2012), vol. 2009, no. 2

Pages: 44-50

Cosmic education, Phyllis Pottish-Lewis - Writings

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Abstract/Notes: The author argues convincingly that to help comprehend our world, our minds benefit also from a visual, perceptual language, such as the pictorial arts. The verbal and the visual, working together, can enhance the way we interpret and appreciate our world. Therefore, both are deserving of our keen attention; if not, we allow a deficit or an imbalance between the two realms. And whether a Pablo Picasso in the making, or not at all, we all benefit from sharpening our observation skills, so necessary in practising and appreciating art, and our knowledge of the world.

Language: English

ISSN: 1877-539X


Çocuklar evi [Children's House]

Available from: HathiTrust

Asia, Children's House (Casa dei Bambini), Maria Montessori - Writings, Middle East, Montessori method of education, Turkey, Western Asia

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Language: Turkish (Ottoman)

Published: Istanbul: Matbaa-yi Âmire, 1923

Edition: [1st edition Turkish]

Series: Maarif Vekâleti neşriyatından , 28


蒙特梭利教育理念促進校長變革領導之探究:以一所學校型態實驗教育為例 / Mengte suo li jiaoyu linian cujin xiaozhang biange lingdao zhi tanjiu: Yi yi suo xuexiao xing tai shiyan jiaoyu wei li [A Study on the Principal’s Change Leadership for Promoting the Idea of Montessori Education: An Example of a School-based Experimental Education]

Available from: ERIC Data

Publication: 教育研究月刊 / Jiaoyu yanjiu yuekan [Journal of Education Research], no. 337

Pages: 19-33

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Abstract/Notes: In the study, the researchers aim to discuss that how does the idea of Montessori education promote a principal’s change leadership from an example of an elementary school with school-based experimental education in Central Taiwan. The school has been transforming as a public elementary school with the idea of Montessori education. One of the authors is a university teacher who has been companying with the school for many years, and the other one is the principal who leads the teachers to practice the organizational change. They use the narrative inquiry to discuss how the principal promote the change for the school through the idea of Montessori education. According to the research findings, the leader of the school mainly follows the idea of Montessori education. There are five implications for the leader’s change leadership, such as the principal’s action of change leadership making the change of learning model for children, teachers’ change for students’ development to create their ways of teaching, preparing good learning environment to satisfy children’s needs, teachers as study guides and learn from their students, as well as to balance leader’s skills and arts with freedom and discipline. Meanwhile, the principal reexamines the original campus environment and culture to build the new environment and invisible atmosphere, therefore to practice the idea of school-based experimental education and make children be their own selves based on teachers’ helps of lives.

Language: Chinese

DOI: 10.53106/168063602022050337002

ISSN: 1680-6360

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