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✓ Peer Reviewed

European Roots of the First Psychology Clinic in North America

Available from: Hogrefe

Publication: European Psychologist, vol. 1, no. 1

Pages: 44-50

Americas, Lightner Witmer - Biographic sources, North America, United States of America

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Abstract/Notes: Lightner Witmer (1867-1956) founded the first psychology clinic in Philadelphia 100 years ago, in March 1896. Even though he was an American, he readily acknowledged some European roots of his work. Witmer earned his Ph.D. at the University of Leipzig, Germany, under Wilhelm Wundt. He was encouraged by his Philadelphia mentor, James McKeen Cattell, to focus on individual differences in the tradition of Francis Galton of England. Witmer modeled his clinical interventions after the previous efforts of J.R. Pereira, J.M.G. Itard, and Edouard Seguin of France and Maria Montessori of Italy. The consequences for modern psychology of Witmer's idea that psychologists should use their knowledge to help people individually were noteworthy. Clinical psychology is today the most common psychology specialty in Europe and, indeed, in much of the world. However, Witmer's concept that clinical psychologists should be trained at the doctoral level is as yet far better accepted in North America than it is elsewhere.

Language: English

DOI: 10.1027/1016-9040.1.1.44

ISSN: 1016-9040, 1878-531X


Influències de la pedagogia europea a Mallorca 1910-1920

Available from: Biblioteca digital de les Illes Balears

Publication: L'Arc, vol. 5

Pages: 29-32

Europe, Southern Europe, Spain

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Language: Catalan

ISSN: 1136-8969, 2659-4560


Il pensiero di Maria Montessori e la scuola europea [part 1]

Publication: Vita dell'Infanzia (Opera Nazionale Montessori), vol. 20, no. 3

Pages: 3-6

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Language: Italian

ISSN: 0042-7241


The Montessori Movement in Interwar Europe: New Perspectives

Available from: Springer Link

Austria, England, Europe, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Montessori method of education, Montessori movement, Netherlands, Northern Europe, Northern Ireland

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Abstract/Notes: Reframes the history of the Montessori movement within the wider cultural-political context. Examines the impact of Montessorism and how it lent itself to reinterpretation. Provides new insights into the problematic Montessori/Mussolini alliance

Language: English

Published: Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022

ISBN: 978-3-031-14071-6 978-3-031-14072-3

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