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Монтессори Для Инвалидов / Montessori dlia Invalidov [Montessori For The Disabled]

Publication: Kazakhstanskaia pravda (Astana, Kazakhstan)

Asia, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Montessori method of education, Montessori schools, Russia, Special education, Western Asia

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Language: Russian


✓ Peer Reviewed

Analisis Metode Montessori Dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca Permulaan Siswa SD/MI Kelas Rendah [Analysis of the Montessori Method in Improving the Beginning Reading Ability of Low Grade SD/MI Students]

Available from: Al-Aulad: Journal of Islamic Primary Education

Publication: Al-Aulad: Journal of Islamic Primary Education, vol. 3, no. 2

Pages: 69-77

Asia, Australasia, Indonesia, Montessori method of education - Evaluation, Southeast Asia

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Abstract/Notes: Metode Montessori merupakan metode yang dirumuskan berdasarkan teori montessori yang dapat digunakan dalam ranah pendidikan anak  dan disusun berdasarkan teori tentang perkembangan anak.  Karakteristik yang  paling terlihat dari metode ini yaitu menekankan pada aktivitas yang dimunculkan oleh diri anak dengan menekankan pada proses adaptasi lingkungan belajar anak yang dibentuk sesuai dengan tahap perkembangannya menggunakan peran dari aktivitas fisik dalam menyerap konsep pembelajaran untuk memiliki kemampuan yang praktis. Tulisan ini bertujuan untuk mendeskripsikan bagaimanakah metode Montessori dalam meningkatakan kemampuan membaca permulaan. Penelitian ini merupakan studi kepustakaan (library research), pembahasan dianalisis dengan menggunakan metode analisa isi (analysis content). Sumber yang digunakan dalam tulisan ini merupakan tulisan-tuliasan Maria yang telah diterjemahkan kedalam bahasa Indonesia. Hasil Penelitian trekait penerapan metode montessori menggunakan aktivitas rangsangan sesuai dengan prinsip maria montessori ternyata dalam pembelajaran dapat meningkatkan kemampuan membaca siswa dan dapat mengatasi keterbatasan siswa dalam pengenalan huruf-huruf. Maka dengan menggunakan metode Montessori untuk belajar membaca diupayakan dapat membantu peserta didik dalam mengembangkan kemampuan kognitif, psikomotor, dan afektif yang terdapat pada diri peserta didik, dengan membuat anak dapat belajar sesuai dengan tingkat perkembangannya. [The Montessori method is a method formulated based on the montessori theory which can be used in the realm of children's education and is compiled based on the theory of child development. The most visible characteristic of this method is that it emphasizes the activities brought up by the child by emphasizing the adaptation process of the child's learning environment which is formed according to their development stage using the role of physical activity in absorbing the concept of learning to have practical abilities. This paper aims to describe how the Montessori method is to improve pre-reading skills. This research is a library research, the discussion is analyzed using the content analysis method (content analysis). The source used in this paper is Maria's writings which have been translated into Indonesian. The results of this research concerning the application of the montessori method using stimulation activities in accordance with the principle of maria montessori, it turns out that learning can improve students 'reading skills and can overcome students' limitations in recognizing letters. So by using the Montessori method to learn to read, it is endeavored to help students develop cognitive, psychomotor, and affective abilities that are found in students, by enabling children to learn according to their level of development.]

Language: Indonesian

DOI: 10.15575/al-aulad.v3i2.7917

ISSN: 2620-5238


"I Am a Montessori Teacher Trained by Maria Montessori" [Eileen Grace Platt, 1931 London course]

Publication: Montessori International, vol. 11, no. 3

Pages: 8–10

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Language: English

ISSN: 1470-8647


L'éducation Montessori: les principes qu'applique Mme Montessori dans les Case dei Bambini, causeries et notes d'une mère

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Language: French

Published: Paris, France: Fischbacher, [1925]

Edition: 10. ed


Das psycho-biologische Konzept sensibler Phasen und Montessoris Theorieansatz [The psycho-biological concept of sensitive phases and Montessori's theoretical approach]

Publication: Montessori: Zeitschrift für Montessori-Pädagogik, vol. 35, no. 1

Pages: 4-15

Developmental psychology, Maria Montessori - Philosophy, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Sensitive periods

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Language: German

ISSN: 0944-2537


Attività dell'Opera Montessori: Napoli: Dio e la natura nel pensiero di Maria Montessori

Publication: Vita dell'Infanzia (Opera Nazionale Montessori), vol. 20, no. 4

Pages: 41

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Language: Italian

ISSN: 0042-7241


A Hellbrugge-féle Fejlődésrehabilitációs Központban járva... Montessori-terápia - pedagógusszemmel / The Montessori Method for Rehabilitation of Mentally Retarded Children

Available from: Arcanum Digitális Tudománytár

Publication: Gyermekgyógyászat, vol. 48, no. 2

Pages: 173-177

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Abstract/Notes: Authors report on their own experiences gained in the Institute for Developmental - Rehabilitation (Munich) founded and evolved by professor Hellbrügge. They are convinced that the introduction of the worldwide expanding Hellbrügge’s idea and system would result in a huge progress improving many Hungarians’ health - and social problem.

Language: Hungarian

ISSN: 0017-5900


Montessōri to ongaku kyōiku / モンテッソーリと音楽教育 [Montessori and Music Education]

Publication: Montessori Kyōiku / モンテッソーリ教育 [Montessori Education], no. 15

Pages: 39-48

Asia, East Asia, Japan

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Language: Japanese

ISSN: 0913-4220


The Comparison of a View on Child Between Montessori and Fröbel / Montessori와 Fröbel 아동관의 비교

Available from: RISS

Publication: 현상해석학적 교육연구 [Phenomenological Educational Research], vol. 2, no. 1

Pages: 115-134

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Language: Korean

ISSN: 1738-1304


Special Education Featured at Montessori School in Philadelphia [New Path Montessori School]

Publication: The National Montessori Reporter, vol. 2, no. 1

Pages: 1, 6

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Language: English

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