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The Super-Sized Schools

Available from: MAG Online Library

Publication: Primary Teacher Update, vol. 2013, no. 20

Pages: 8-10

Asia, City Montessori School (Lucknow, India), India, Public Montessori, South Asia

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Abstract/Notes: Demographic changes mean class sizes of over 30, and five or six form entry will be increasingly common. Anthony David suggests ways to manage more children.

Language: English

DOI: 10.12968/prtu.2013.1.20.8

ISSN: 2047-8917

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Individuella utvecklingsplaner i Montessori- och Reggio Emiliaprofilerade förskolor [Individual development plans in Montessori and Reggio Emilia Profiled preschools]

Available from: DiVA Portal

Book Title: Barndom, lärande och ämnesdidaktik: Exempel från en forskningsmiljö vid Lärarutbildningen [Childhood, learning and subject didactics: Examples from a research environment at the Teacher Education]

Pages: 53-70

Europe, Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Sweden

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Abstract/Notes: Vad har en förändrad barndom för betydelse för yngre barns lärande och utbildning? Denna rapport försöker förstå och förklara denna betydelse med hjälp av forskare från forskningsfältet Barndom, lärande och ämnesdidaktik på Lärarutbildningen på Malmö högskola. I rapporten tas begreppen barndom, lärande och ämnesdidaktik upp som sammanflätade och ömsesidigt relaterade till varandra. I fem olika artiklar presenteras: Förskolans ledarskap i en nystartad förskola ; Hur dokumentation och bedömning i förskolor med olika pedagogiska inriktningar kan se ut ; En översikt över historiedidaktisk forskning med inriktning mot yngre barn ; Svenskämnesundervisningens innehåll i skolans tidigare år ; En kartläggning av forskning om de yngre barnen i det idrottsvetenskapliga intresseområdet [What does a changed childhood mean for younger children's learning and education? This report attempts to understand and explain this significance with the help of researchers from the research field Childhood, learning and subject didactics at the Teacher Education at Malmö University. The report addresses the concepts of childhood, learning and subject didactics as intertwined and mutually related to each other. Five different articles are presented: Preschool leadership in a newly started preschool; What documentation and assessment in preschools with different pedagogical orientations can look like; An overview of history didactic research with a focus on younger children; The content of Swedish subject teaching in the school's previous years; A survey of research on the younger children in the sports science area of interest]

Language: Swedish

Published: Malmö, Sweden: Malmö högskola, 2010

Series: Rapporter om utbildning , 1


La Chaîne des Soeurs: Sororité Vertueuse et Apprentissage Performatif au Sein du Club des Jeunes Filles de la Grande Mosquée de Genève [The Chain of Sisters: Virtuous Sorority and Performative Learning in the Young Women’s Club of the Grand Mosque of Geneva / La cadena de las hermanas: del Club de las jóvenes de la Gran Mezquita de Ginebra]

Available from: Open Edition

Publication: Archives de Sciences Sociales des Religions [Archives of Social Sciences of Religions], vol. 179

Pages: 233-254

Europe, Switzerland, Western Europe

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Abstract/Notes: Dès les années 1960, et de manière accentuée depuis 1990, les musulmans de Suisse tendent à s’organiser au sein du paysage associatif local. Leurs pratiques mettent en lumière la manière dont les normes et prescriptions religieuses transmises dans le cadre d’écoles et d’associations féminines musulmanes actives dans le canton de Genève conduisent les actrices à émerger sur la scène publique, et à inventer des trajectoires alternatives de modernité et d’engagement citoyen. Orientant leurs actions tantôt vers une transformation de soi, tantôt vers une transformation du monde, les actrices allient le genre et le religieux au sein d’un système d’intervention et de subjectivation spécifique. En cultivant un lien de « sororité vertueuse » au sein de leur groupe et en adoptant les principes de la pédagogie Montessori, ces jeunes femmes créent une discordance avec, d’une part, les valeurs séculières libérales et avec, d’autre part, la normativité musulmane. [Starting in the 1960s, Muslims in Switzerland have tended to organize themselves in the local community landscape. Their practices shed light on the way in which religious norms and prescriptions are transmitted in the context of schools and Muslim women's associations active in the Canton of Geneva. These practices encourage actresses to emerge on the public stage and propose alternative trajectories of modernity and citizen engagement. Oriented sometimes to a transformation of the self, sometimes to a status of world changer, actresses combine gender and religion in a system of intervention and specific subjectivation. By cultivating a "virtuous sorority" bond within their group and embracing the principles of Montessori pedagogy, these young women create a mismatch with both secular liberal values that "the ability to act" would require breaking with belief and with Muslim normativity based on the learning of texts. / Desde los años ’60, y de manera acentuada desde 1990, los musulmanes de Suiza tienden a organizarse en el paisaje asociativo local. Sus prácticas destacan la manera en que las normas y prescripciones religiosas transmitidas en el marco de escuelas y de asociaciones femeninas musulmanas activas en el cantón de Ginebra conducen a las actrices a emerger a la escena pública, y a inventar trayectorias alternativas de modernidad y de compromiso ciudadano. Orientándose sea hacia la transformación de sí, sea hacia la transformación del mundo, las actrices asocian el género y lo religioso en un sistema de intervención y de subjetivación específica. Cultivando un lazo de “sororidad virtuosa” en su grupo y adoptando principios de la pedagogía Montesori, estas jóvenes mujeres crean discordancias a la vez con los valores seculares liberales según los cuales la “capacidad de actuar” necesitaría la ruptura con la creencia y con la normatividad musulmana fundada en el aprendizaje de los textos.]

Language: French

DOI: 10.4000/assr.29663

ISSN: 0335-5985


The Origins and Development of Child-Centred Education: Implications for Classroom Management

Available from: Sabinet African Journals

Publication: Educare (South Africa), vol. 32, no. 1-2

Pages: 222-239

Africa, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Montessori method of education - History, South Africa, Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, ⛔ No DOI found

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Abstract/Notes: Since 1994 far-reaching curriculum changes in the form of an Outcomes-based Education (OBE) approach to schooling have been put into practice in South Africa. One of the pillars of OBE is a child (learner)-centred approach, that has an impact on virtually every aspect of classroom management. The question that arises is: what is a child-centred approach and what are its implications for classroom management? This article traces the broad issues surrounding the origins of a child-centred approach and investigates the implications of the implementation of a child-centred approach for classroom management. It concludes that child-centred teaching is still more rhetoric than reality in South Africa, because of certain constraints faced by educators. Constraints educators have to deal with in their classrooms, such as class size and inadequate training label education as child-conscious rather than child-centred.

Language: English

ISSN: 0256-8829

Book Section

Kosmische Erziehung zur "Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung" - Vordereitung auf das Leben im Klimawandel [Cosmic education for "Education for Sustainable Development": preparation for life in the face of climate change]

Book Title: 100 Jahre Montessori-Kinderhaus Geschichte und Aktualität eines pädagogischen Konzepts [100 Years of the Montessori Children's Home: History and Topicality of an Educational Concept]

Pages: 253-288

Cosmic education, Sustainability

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Language: German

Published: Berlin, Germany: LIT Verlag, 2009

ISBN: 978-3-8258-1650-6

Series: Impulse der Reformpädagogik , 24

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