About the Bibliography

The Montessori Bibliography Online makes information about Montessori education and the Montessori movement more accessible through an online interface which includes links to digitized source materials. Historically, Montessori bibliographies and indexes have been published as print documents which reference other print sources. By embracing digital technology, the Montessori Bibliography Online connects the citations directly to the referenced, digitized, source material. This database, conceived and collated by Joel Parham, and hosted by the Center for Montessori Research at the University of Kansas, builds on previously compiled indexes to consolidate references into a comprehensive repository with a robust search capability. 

Resources and Source Material

The core of this database is built on the Montessori: Bibliografia Internazionale / International Bibliography, 1896-2000 (edited by Clara Tornar and published by Opera Nazionale Montessori, 2001). This data is supplemented with citations from the North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA) Montessori Bibliography (which has been compiled throughout the years by various individuals, including Mary Maher Boehnlein and Renee Pembleton), Maria-Montessori-Bibliographie 1896-1996: Internationale Bibliographie der Schriften und Forschungsliteratur (edited by Winfried Böhm and published by Klinkhardt, 1999).

Data from these sources was cross-referenced to remove duplicates and then incorporated into this database. Once selected, entries were cataloged to include additional descriptive information along with hyperlinks to digitized source material when available. The database includes recent sources and other historic sources which were not previously included.

A variety of databases and resources have been and continue to be consulted to update and add additional sources, including, but not limited to, the following: 

Additional technical and foundational details regarding the Montessori Bibliography Online are outlined in this article.