Montessori Bibliography News

  • What is the status of the Montessori Bibliography Online?
    I periodically like to take stock of the content included within the bibliography in order to do a general audit of the data and also to get a snapshot of the entire dataset. Generally, I focus on 5 areas: For the most part the scope of these categories are self-evident, however there are some nuances […]
  • How many articles in the Bibliography are peer reviewed?
    “How many articles in the Montessori Bibliography Online are peer reviewed?” This is the question that a number of individuals have posed to me. After considerable evaluation and problem solving I was able to identify an approach to collate this information and a method for recording it within entries of the database. The method I […]
  • New year… New beginnings… News section
    Happy New Year! With a new year comes new beginnings. In that vein I am pleased to introduce a new section – a News section – on the site. In this section I will provide periodic updates about the Montessori Bibliography Online and any other related information. Some of the updates I’m excited to share: […]