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On Adolescent Mindfulness

Available from: ProQuest

Publication: Montessori Life, vol. 36, no. 1

Pages: 43

Adolescent education, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Abstract/Notes: Mindfulness, falling under the umbrella of mental health, is a hot topic in education these days, as people increasingly realize its importance. [...]the purpose of mindfulness is to stop being controlled by our thoughts. Whether you are a teacher of adolescents, a parent of an adolescent, or a person who falls into any other category of life, Pink Panties & Other Life Lessons is a great resource to help you manage the daunting challenges of what it means to be human.

Language: English

ISSN: 1054-0040

Master's Thesis (Action Research Report)

Breathing and Behavior: The Effects of Mindfulness Practices on Work Completion and Self- Regulation in the Upper Elementary Montessori Classroom

Available from: St. Catherine University

Action research, Three-hour work cycle, Upper elementary, Work periods

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Abstract/Notes: The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a mindfulness curriculum and practices on student self-regulation and work completion. The study took place in a large suburban school in western Canada with 19 participants in a grade four, five and six Montessori classroom. The intervention took place over a period of six weeks, during which the researcher led mindfulness lessons using the MindUp curriculum. Additionally, students took part in mindfulness and yoga practices daily and weekly, respectively. Data was collected using student journals, an observational tally, student work cycle folders, and student pre and post surveys. The data shows an increase in mindful and self-regulated behavior as well as improved work completion rates. It is recommended that future studies focus on a broader subject base as well as a more longitudinal period of intervention and data collection.

Language: English

Published: St. Paul, Minnesota, 2020

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