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Influències de la pedagogia europea a Mallorca 1910-1920

Available from: Biblioteca digital de les Illes Balears

Publication: L'Arc, vol. 5

Pages: 29-32

Europe, Southern Europe, Spain

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Language: Catalan

ISSN: 1136-8969, 2659-4560


Il pensiero di Maria Montessori e la scuola europea [part 1]

Publication: Vita dell'Infanzia (Opera Nazionale Montessori), vol. 20, no. 3

Pages: 3-6

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Language: Italian

ISSN: 0042-7241


The Montessori Movement in Interwar Europe: New Perspectives

Available from: Springer Link

Austria, England, Europe, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Montessori method of education, Montessori movement, Netherlands, Northern Europe, Northern Ireland

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Abstract/Notes: Reframes the history of the Montessori movement within the wider cultural-political context. Examines the impact of Montessorism and how it lent itself to reinterpretation. Provides new insights into the problematic Montessori/Mussolini alliance

Language: English

Published: Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, 2022

ISBN: 978-3-031-14071-6 978-3-031-14072-3

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