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Education in Relation to the Imagination in the Little Child ([San Diego] Lecture 2: 19 July 1915)

Book Title: The California Lectures of Maria Montessori, 1915: Collected Speeches and Writings by Maria Montessori

Pages: 40-50

Americas, International Montessori Training Course (3rd [course 1], Los Angeles and San Diego, USA, May - July 1915), Maria Montessori - Speeches, addresses, etc., Montessori method of education - Study and teaching, Montessori method of education - Teacher training, North America, Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916, San Diego, California), Teacher training, United States of America

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Language: English

Published: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-85109-296-3

Series: The Montessori Series , 15


Public Instruction and Education; Argentina

Available from: Internet Archive

Publication: Bulletin of the Pan American Union, vol. 61, no. 9

Pages: 932

Americas, Argentina, Latin America and the Caribbean, Montessori method of education, South America

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Abstract/Notes: "On April 30 the first municipal kindergarten was opened in Buenos Aires. One hundred and fifty children will be instructed at this kindergarten, using the Montessori system under the direction of Sefiora Matilde Flairoto de Ciampi, a specialist in this method. Plans have already been made and funds appropriated for establishing other municipal kindergartens."

Language: English

ISSN: 2332-9424


✓ Peer Reviewed

Montessori Pedagogy, an educational alternative, from Romania: Evolution from the beginning of the 20th century until the Second World War contribution

Available from: Università di Macerata

Publication: History of Education and Children's Literature (HECL), vol. 13, no. 2

Pages: 511-518

Eastern Europe, Europe, Romania

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Abstract/Notes: Montessori Pedagogy, having as a founder M. Montessori, Italian physician and pedagogue, is one of the alternatives that entered Romania at the beginning of the 20th century, due to the opening of the occupants of those times. We present in this paper the evolution in Romania of Montessori pedagogy and educational alternative, from the beginning to the Second World War. We will refer to the interest that the ideas of M. Montessori have made, translations of her works in Romanian, as well as the writings of some Romanian specialists who have popularized and supported her. We will bring readers’ attention and involvement issues by attending conferences and training courses for teachers, by setting up the Montessori schools and the role of renowned personalities in the development of the Montessori alternative and the Montessori Association, an expression of the interest and appreciation.

Language: Italian

ISSN: 1971-1093, 1971-1131

Book Section

"Wann beginnt Montessori-Früherziehung?" ["When does early Montessori education start?"]

Book Title: 100 Jahre Montessori-Kinderhaus Geschichte und Aktualität eines pädagogischen Konzepts [100 Years of the Montessori Children's Home: History and Topicality of an Educational Concept]

Pages: 130-153

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Language: German

Published: Berlin, Germany: LIT Verlag, 2009

ISBN: 978-3-8258-1650-6

Series: Impulse der Reformpädagogik , 24


Cosmic Education

Publication: Communications (Association Montessori Internationale, 195?-2008), vol. 1976, no. special

Pages: 1–7

Cosmic education, Mario M. Montessori - Writings

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Language: English

ISSN: 0519-0959


Ōbei de no montessōri kyōiku / 欧米でのモンテッソーリ教育 [Montessori Education in Europe and the United States]

Publication: Montessori Kyōiku / モンテッソーリ教育 [Montessori Education], no. 8

Pages: 57-70

Asia, East Asia, Japan

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Language: Japanese

ISSN: 0913-4220


Education and Special Needs and Disabilities Update

Publication: Montessori International, vol. 89

Pages: 38–39

Children with disabilities, Inclusive education, Special education

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Language: English

ISSN: 1470-8647


La paix et l'éducation

Maria Montessori - Writings, Peace

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Language: French

Published: Roma, Italy: Opera Montessori, 1949

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