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Managing the Use of Resources in Multi-Grade Classrooms

Available from: African Journals Online

Publication: South African Journal of Education, vol. 39, no. 3

Africa, Classroom environment, Montessori materials, Montessori method of education, Montessori schools, Nongraded schools, Prepared environment, South Africa, Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa

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Abstract/Notes: This study examined how teachers in multi-grade classrooms manage and use available resources in their classrooms. The study focused on multi-grade classrooms in farm schools in the Free State province of South Africa that cover Grades 1 to 9. The concepts “multi-grade classrooms” and “resources” are explained below. The availability and utilisation of resources in multi-grade classrooms is discussed in some depth. A qualitative research design was used to collect data. Interviews were conducted with 9 teachers who worked in multi-grade classrooms. The data reveals that the availability of resources has improved somewhat in the multi-grade classrooms surveyed; however, textbooks specifically meant for multi-grade classrooms are still lacking. The data also points to several other trends. For example, most multi-grade schools in the sample have insufficient resources. Where available, the resources are either under-utilised or used improperly. Furthermore, it is usually the case that learners are required to share resources across various grades. Moreover, teachers often use their personal resources to get their work done, and in this regard, smartphones play an important part. Finally, the study also reveals that teachers do try to use various types of resources to cater for different learning styles.Keywords: activity centres; classroom organisation; Montessori educational theory; multi-grade classrooms; resource corners; resources

Language: English

DOI: 10.15700/saje.v39n3a1599

ISSN: 2076-3433


Kaksi pedagogista elämäntyötä: John Dewey e M. Montessori [The life work of two pedagogues: John Dewey and M. Montessori]

Publication: Kasvatus ja koulu (Jyväskylän Yliopisto. Kasvatustieteiden tutkimuslaitos) [Education and school (University of Jyväskylä. Institute of Educational Sciences)], no. 1

Pages: 1-13

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Language: Finnish

ISSN: 0783-1552


Dr. Montessori Will Lecture for Adults

Available from: NewsBank - San Diego Evening Tribune Historical

Publication: San Diego Evening Tribune (San Diego, California)

Pages: 8

Adelia Pyle - Biographic sources, Americas, Anna Fedeli - Biographic sources, Edith Little - Biographic sources, Helen Little - Biographic sources, Helen Parkhurst - Biographic sources, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Mario M. Montessori - Biographic sources, North America, Panama-California Exposition (1915, San Diego, California), United States of America

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Abstract/Notes: Includes a list of individuals assisting Montessori with her work in San Diego. Also, reports on a 10-lecture series Montessori provided: "For the benefit of mothers, teachers and all others interested, Dr. Montessori has decided to offer a short course of ten lectures and two demonstrations of the use of the didactic appareatus, to begin Wednesday, July 7th, at 3:30 p.m. in the lecture room, at the normal school. Those interested in this course should make personal application on Monday and Tuesday, between the hours of 2 and 3, in the afternoon, in Dr. Montessori's office at the normal school, where they may learn the nature of the work and the requirements for admission. This short course has been arranged in response to the many requests that have been made for it by persons unable to take the advanced course which was begun in Los Angeles and will be continued in San Diego and, later, in San Francisco, for about four months. The first public address by Dr. Montessori will be given at the exposition on the afternoon of July 12, which has been set aside by the exposition management as 'Education Day.'"

Language: English


Moving Out with Montessori [John P. Blessington, Delores Erby, Barbara Grosch, Pauletta Hansel, Alix Harper, Kit Johnson, Kathryn Carey Jones and Patti Tepper-Rasmussen, Roxanne Rhoades, Sheri Schlongberger, Terre Stout]

Publication: Montessori Life, vol. 4, no. 2

Pages: 28–34

⛔ No DOI found

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Language: English

ISSN: 1054-0040


John Dewey y María Montessori [John Dewey and Maria Montessori]

Available from: Biblioteca Digital Casa de la Cultura de Ecuador (CCE)

Publication: Revista Ecuatoriana de Educación, vol. 6, no. 23

Pages: 3-8

Americas, Ecuador, Latin America and the Caribbean, South America

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Language: Spanish


Maria Montessori e John Dewey

Available from: Atlante Montessori

Publication: Vita dell'Infanzia (Opera Nazionale Montessori), vol. 1, no. 5-6-7

Pages: 73-74

John Dewey - Biographic sources, John Dewey - Philosophy, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Maria Montessori - Philosophy, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Progressive education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Language: Italian

ISSN: 0042-7241

Doctoral Dissertation

A Comparative Study of the Philosophies of John Amos Comenius and Maria Montessori on the Education of Children

Available from: Loyola University Chicago

John Amos Comenius - Biographic sources, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources

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Language: English

Published: Chicago, Illinois, 1965


Obituary [Lydia Julia Johnson - Briet Englesmith]

Publication: AMI/USA News, vol. 14, no. 2

Pages: 11

Briet Englesmith - Biographic sources, Lydia Julia Johnson - Biographic sources, Obituaries

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Language: English


Maria Montessori et John Dewey sont morts

Available from: Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) - Gallica

Publication: Études, vol. 85, no. 274

Pages: 115

John Dewey - Biographic sources, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Obituaries

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Language: French

ISSN: 0014-1941, 2102-5800


Transgresje w biograficznych doświadczeniach wybitnych pedagogów: Marii Montessori i Janusza Korczaka [Transgressions in the biographical experiences of outstanding educators: Maria Montessori and Janusz Korczak]

Available from: University of Gdańsk

Publication: Podstawy Edukacji [Fundamentals of Education], vol. 10

Pages: 13-32

Janusz Korczak - Biographic sources, Maria Montessori - Biographic sources

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Abstract/Notes: Transgressions are innovative and creative activities. They allow people to go beyond the limits of their current functioning, thus gaining new areas of activity or creating new values. Motivation specific to transgression is hubristic motivation. The article analyzes the biographical experiences of outstanding pedagogues. – Maria Montessori and Janusz Korczak. Maria Montessori – Italian physician, education system creator and Montessori pedagogy based on the needs of the child. Transcendental biography of Janusz Korczak – doctor, pedagogue, writer, journalist, visionary. Biographies contain different spaces of transgressive activities: personal, professional, social, creative, literary. They concern the concept of education, methods of pedagogical work with the child. The accomplishments of outstanding pedagogues include immutable values.

Language: Polish

ISSN: 2081-2264

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