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Expanding Montessori Education - Children's House of Montessori School in New Orleans to include students through the fourth grade

Publication: New Orleans Magazine, vol. 20

Pages: 24

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Language: English

ISSN: 0894-4555


Cultivation of the Child's Will by Repetition in Montessori Educational Theory / 몬테소리 교육에서 반복에 의한 의지의 도야

Available from: RISS

Publication: Montessori교육연구 [Montessori Education Research], vol. 9

Pages: 1-16

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Language: Korean

ISSN: 1226-9417


La paix et l'éducation

Maria Montessori - Writings, Peace

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Language: French

Published: Roma, Italy: Opera Montessori, 1949

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