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Valutare la qualità delle scuole e dei docenti nel metodo Montessori [Assessing the quality of schools and teachers in the Montessori method]

Europe, Italy, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Montessori method of education - Evaluation, Montessori method of education - Teachers, Montessori schools, Southern Europe, Teachers

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Abstract/Notes: Il volume, partendo dalla individuazione delle coordinate lasciate da Maria Montessori per una corretta organizzazione degli ambienti (Spazi-Arredi-Materiali) delle scuole montessoriane e per una adeguata attuazione delle pratiche didattiche (Scelte di Metodo) dei suoi insegnanti, presenta due scale di osservazione - SpAMM, scala di osservazione e valutazione degli Spazi, Arredi, Materiali Montessoriani e SMeMO, scala di osservazione e valutazione delle Scelte di Metodo Montessori - costruite a partire dall'esigenza di monitorare e promuovere la qualità delle scuole e dei docenti che applicano, ancora oggi, il Metodo Montessori. La somministrazione di questi strumenti, infatti, inserita in un adeguato percorso di valutazione formativa, permette agli insegnanti coinvolti di riflettere - sulla base di criteri chiari ed espliciti - sul valore del proprio "fare scuola" (inteso come organizzazione degli ambienti della scuola e come attuazione del metodo Montessori) e di intraprendere, di conseguenza, azioni consapevoli di miglioramento della qualità educativa e didattica delle scuole montessoriane.

Language: Italian

Published: Bergamo, Italy: Zeroseiup, 2017

ISBN: 978-88-99338-29-9 88-99338-29-9

Series: Culture e saperi dell'infanzia


✓ Peer Reviewed

Role učitele ve škole Montessori / Teacher's Role in Montessori School

Available from: Digitální knihovna Filozofické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity (Czechia)

Publication: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. U, Řada pedagogická, vol. 55, no. U12

Pages: 117-126

Montessori schools, Teachers

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Abstract/Notes: This contribution deals with the role of teachers interacting with pupils in Montessori schools. Originally an exercise research for the study course of qualitative research in educational sciences, the text outlines the basic principles of Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, describing then the research method and the findings. A teacher was observed, keeping to her designed role within a certain extent of workload only. Yet once there were too many requirements from pupils, she abandoned her ideal role and became a captive who, under the load of her tasks, tended to solutions contravening to Montessori’s philosophy and reprobated by herself when she spoke about them. / Zaměření textu na roli učitele ve škole Montessori vzniklo souhrou několika faktorů, z nichž klíčová byla volba tématu pro cvičný kvalitativní výzkum v rámci kurzu Kvalitativní výzkum v pedagogických vědách a možnost navštívit základní školu Montessori. Zájem o alternativní koncepci výuky, kterou jsem mohla pozorovat, se pak stal základem pro téma této práce, jejímž cílem je popsat, jak učitelka Králová1 zvládá roli učitele ve škole Montessori a pokusit se odhalit obecné zákonitosti jejího jednání v interakci se žáky.

Language: Czech

ISSN: 1211-6971


✓ Peer Reviewed

Comparative Analysis of the Views of Montessori and Waldorf Teacher Trainers

Available from: ScienceDirect

Publication: Social Sciences & Humanities Open, vol. 9

Pages: Article 100855

Montessori method of education - Teachers, Teacher training, Teachers - Attitudes, Trainings, Waldorf method of education - Teachers

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Abstract/Notes: In our study we investigate the differences between the views of Waldorf and Montessori teacher trainers (NWaldorf = 8, NMontessori = 8) on the basis of structured interviews. The narrower, national relevance of our study is the Hungarian higher education accreditation efforts of the two school models, while the more general relevance is that we empirically test the theoretical distance between the two school concepts on a Hungarian sample. The aim of the study is therefore twofold: to identify the main theoretical differences between the two pedagogical approaches and to empirically test the presence or absence of these differences through the views of teacher trainers. Our results show that the teacher trainers of the two pedagogical approaches have partly moved away from their theoretical background and are divided on certain issues: Montessori teacher trainers are moving towards a focus on the development of large movements, while Waldorf teacher trainers are moving towards a better appreciation of science. As there is no state accreditation of Waldorf and Montessori teacher training courses in Hungary, we are also looking at the scientific attitudes of the teachers involved in teacher training.

Language: English

DOI: 10.1016/j.ssaho.2024.100855

ISSN: 2590-2911

Doctoral Dissertation (Ed.D.)

Antiracist Pedagogy in White Spaces: An Exploration of Antiracist White Teachers and Their Commitment to Create Antiracist Classrooms

Available from: California State University - ScholarWorks

Americas, Anti-bias anti-racist practices, Anti-racism, Teachers, United States of America

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Abstract/Notes: This dissertation describes an inquiry into Montessori-based white teachers' practices of disrupting white identity formation in the classroom through their antiracist stance. The findings within ultimately demonstrate the necessity for white teachers to grow in their understanding and practice of antiracism. Such growth is meaningful because of the role schools play in systematic white supremacy and racism. Together, the evidence and analysis add to the conversation of antiracist work and produce suggestions for deepening and expanding the potential for such growth in white teachers. In this qualitative study, evidence was collected through focus groups and phenomenological interviews with self-described antiracist white teachers who worked in schools with a student population with white students as the majority subgroup, with other subgroups providing less than 20% of the population. Using qualitative inquiry, the data provide insight into how teachers intentionally create their classroom design and how they make changes countering the hegemony through which traditional educational environments are constructed. Participant perspectives are at the heart of this study. Participants shared their hope to apply a Montessori tenet of providing experiences for the child on the subconscious and the conscious level. The teachers expressed how they have examined themselves and examined their Montessori training to uncover ways they can make changes toward being less Anglo-European centered. The data collected and conversations shared are relatable even to teachers outside of Montessori and demonstrate to white teachers with a desire to be committed to antiracism they are not alone and there are ways to make even subtle changes in their classrooms impacting the children they guide.

Language: English

Published: San Francisco, California, 2023


Pendampingan Literasi Dasar Untuk Guru SDN Gading Kulon 2 Menggunakan Phonics Song Dan Large Movable Alphabet (LMA) Montessori Apparatus [Basic Literacy Assistance for Gading Kulon 2 Elementary School Teachers Using Phonics Song and Large Movable Alphabet (LMA) Montessori Apparatus]

Available from: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Mandira Cendikia

Publication: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Mandira Cendikia, vol. 3, no. 2

Pages: 39-45

Asia, Indonesia, Literacy, Montessori materials, Southeast Asia

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Abstract/Notes: SDN Gadingkulon 2 is located in Princi hamlet, Gadingkulon village, Dau sub-district, Malang Regency. The basic literacy teaching method at this school previously focused on recognizing letter symbols without a deep understanding of phonetic letter pronunciation. The method used in this service activity is Focus Group Discussion, basic literacy assistance which includes activities (phonic songs, identifying sounds, matching letters to pictures, identifying sounds with words), literacy learning assistance, and reflection and follow-up. The obstacle experienced in this activity is that the teacher must be able to match the letters being read with the appropriate vowel sounds. As a result of this mentoring activity, teachers can understand and apply basic literacy according to good and correct Indonesian language rules. The problem with this activity is that teachers still pronounce letter sounds according to the old method, this can be eliminated with continuous practice. / Metode pengajaran literasi dasar di SDN Gadingkulon sebelumnya fokus pada pengenalan symbol huruf tanpa pemahaman yang mendalam tentang pelafalan huruf fonetik. Metode yang digunakan dalam kegiatan pengabdian ini Focus Group Discussion, pendampingan litereasi dasar yang di dalamnya ada kegiatan (phonic song, mengidentifikasi bunyi, mencocokan dengan gambar huruf, mengidentifikasi bunyi dengan kata), pendampingan pembelajaran literasi, dan refleksi dna tindak lanjut. Kendala yang dialami pada kegiatan ini guru harus bisa menyesuaikan antara huruf yang dibaca dengan bunyi vocal yang sesuai. Hasil dari kegiatan pendampingan ini guru-guru dapat memahami dan menerapkan literasi dasar sesuai dengan kaidah Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Adapun kendala dari kegiatan ini guru-guru masih melafalkan bunyi huruf sesuai dengan metode lama, hal ini dapat dihilangkan dengan Latihan secara terus menerus.

Language: Indonesian

ISSN: 2963-2188

Master's Thesis

Levering AI Tools to Reduce Teacher Stress and Workload

Available from: St. Catherine University

Action research, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Abstract/Notes: This action research paper investigates the integration of AI-powered tools, specifically ChatGPT, to develop individualized lesson plans with the aim of alleviating teacher stress and reducing workload. Drawing upon theoretical frameworks such as Self-Efficacy Theory and the Technology Acceptance Model, the study explores the potential of AI technology to enhance classroom experiences. The research questions addressed in this study include 1) to identify the advantages and disadvantages of using ChatGPT in a classroom setting and 2) to assess whether integrating ChatGPT into a Montessori classroom can positively impact student and teacher learning. Qualitative data was collected over a five-week intervention in an Early Childhood classroom within a private Montessori school. The findings offer valuable insights into the role of AI tools in education, shedding light on potential benefits and challenges within the unique context of Montessori education. Further research is needed to analyze the impact of utilizing AI tools, specifically, ChatGPT in lesson planning on teacher well-being and workload.

Language: English

Published: St. Paul, Minnesota, 2023

Book Section

Children's Well-Being and Teachers' Benevolence as the Road to Higher Performance?: Cognitive Neuroscience and Montessori in Preschools

Available from: Taylor and Francis Online

Book Title: Education, Parenting, and Mental Health Care in Europe: The Contradictions of Building Autonomous Individuals

Pages: 63-78

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Abstract/Notes: There is now a broad international consensus that investing in early childhood education and care represents the highest “return on investment” in terms of economic and social development. The pursuit of the dual objective of efficiency and equity has resulted in a reorientation of preschool curricula towards preparation for compulsory schooling, emphasizing the acquisition of the “fundamentals” (reading, writing, and arithmetic) most useful for future academic success. The chapter offers first a comparative analysis of how this “schooling process” unfolded in French and Belgian nursery schools and in the Danish kindergarten. It attests to the persistence of specific cultural and political traditions relating to both the respective roles of the state and families in early childhood education, as well as of conceptions of childhood and relations between adults and children. Second, based on field research conducted in French-speaking Belgium, it discusses the idea that the search for children's well-being and performance at the same time creates tensions in the exercise of the teaching profession. It then shows that it is possible to understand the success of the discourse of cognitive neuroscience and so-called alternative pedagogical methods, including Montessori, because these discourses seem to propose a way to overcome these tensions.

Language: English

Published: New York, New York: Routledge, 2024

ISBN: 978-1-00-337720-7

Master's Thesis (M.A.)

Teacher Perceptions and Ideologies of Multilingualism in the South African Montessori Preschool Environment

Available from: Stellenbosch University (South Africa)

Africa, Early childhood care and education, Early childhood education, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc., Montessori schools, Multilingualism, South Africa, Southern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Teachers, Teachers - Attitudes

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Abstract/Notes: The linguistic environment of preschools in South Africa is considerably under-researched. In this study, research was undertaken to discover how South African Montessori preschool teachers approach the issue of multilingualism in their classrooms and their perceptions of the value of speaking multiple languages. Teachers working in Montessori schools in Cape Town were interviewed about their experiences and ideologies of multilingualism in the classroom. Data was analysed through a Bakhtinian lens to uncover the tensions surrounding these beliefs and experiences of South African multilingualism. It was found that although many teachers supported the idea of multilingualism, they faced significant practical and administrative barriers to its implementation in the classroom. Furthermore, it was notable that much of the work to teach or introduce additional language in the preschool space was performed by underpaid, undertrained, and under-valued non-teaching staff, such as cleaning staff and classroom assistants.

Language: English

Published: Stellenbosch, South Africa, 2023


2 Teachers, Straight Talk: Lessons from the Classroom That Need to Be Heard

Available from: University of Connecticut Libraries - American Montessori Society Records

Publication: Public School Montessorian, vol. 9, no. 4

Pages: 1, 20-21

Public Montessori

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Language: English

ISSN: 1071-6246


Album dydaktyczny Montessori: ćwiczenia z życia praktycznego : podręcznik nauczyciela [Montessori teaching album: exercises from practical life: teacher's manual]

Maria Montessori - Philosophy, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Language: Polish

Published: Gdańsk, Poland: Wydawnictwo Harmonia, 2023

Edition: 1st ed.

ISBN: 978-83-8309-003-0

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