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Hildegard Holtstiege, Modell Montessori: Grundsätze und aktuelle Geltung der Montessori-Pädagogik [review]

Publication: Montessori: Zeitschrift für Montessori-Pädagogik, vol. 34, no. 1

Pages: 28-33

Book reviews

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Language: German

ISSN: 0944-2537


Die natürliche Erziehung im frühen Kindesalter (Montessori-Methode) [Natural Upbringing in Early Childhood (Montessori Method)]

Available from: HathiTrust

Publication: Praktische Psychologie [Practical Psychology], vol. 2, no. 6

Pages: 161-169

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Language: German

ISSN: 0032-6798


Kinderen in een kinderwereld: het mooie werk van Dr. Maria Montessori [Children in a child's world: The beautiful work of Dr. Maria Montessori]

Available from: Delpher - Nationale Bibliotheek van Nederland

Publication: De Hollandsche revue, vol. 37, no. 1

Pages: 77-80

Maria Montessori - Biographic sources, Maria Montessori - Philosophy, Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Language: Dutch

Archival Material Or Collection

Box 18, Folder 5 - Notes, ca. 1929-1948 - "Unclassified Notes on Montessori Lectures [various numbering 1,4,18] [International Montessori Congress]

Available from: Seattle University

Edwin Mortimer Standing - Biographic sources, Edwin Mortimer Standing - Writings

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Language: English

Archive: Seattle University, Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons, Special Collections


Dr. Maria Montessori, 1870-1952: The Origins of Montessori

Available from: Internet Archive

Publication: New Era in Home and School, vol. 51, no. 7

Pages: 232-234

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Language: English

ISSN: 0028-5048

Book Section

Aktuelle Aufgabenfelder der Montessori-Pädagogik [Current fields of activity in Montessori education]

Book Title: Montessori-Pädagogik

Pages: 152-180

Maria Montessori - Philosophy, Montessori method of education

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Language: German

Published: Baltmannsweiler, Germany: Schneider-Verlag Hohengehren, 2005

Edition: 2nd corrected and revised ed.

ISBN: 3-89676-949-9 978-3-89676-949-7

Series: Reformpädagogische Schulkonzepte , 4


Montessori-Ausstellung bei Westheim [Montessori Exhibition near Westheim]

Available from: Europeana Newspaper Archive

Publication: Berliner Volkszeitung (Berlin, Germany)

Pages: 3

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Language: German

Maria Montessori nel giudizio della pedagogia italiana dal 1945 ai nostri giorni [Maria Montessori in the judgment of Italian pedagogy from 1945 to the present day]

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Language: Italian

Published: Roma, Italy, 1985


✓ Peer Reviewed

O Ensino de Matemática no Pensamento de Comênius, Pestalozzi e Montessori [The Teaching of Mathematics in the Thinking of Comênius, Pestalozzi and Montessori]

Available from: SciELO

Publication: Educar em Revista, vol. 36

Pages: e64213

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Abstract/Notes: Neste artigo, discutimos os fundamentos para o ensino da Matemática na Pedagogia Tradicional e na Pedagogia Nova, marcadamente, a partir das teorias de fronteira de Comenius, Pestalozzi e Montessori. Esta pesquisa é de cunho documental e bibliográfico. Ao final da análise, concluímos que: há uma circulação de ideias entre o pensamento educacional de Comenius, Pestalozzi e Maria Montessori no que diz respeito ao uso de materiais didáticos e que nos métodos por estes pensadores a Matemática está associada às atividades práticas e gradativas. [In this article, we discuss the fundamentals for the teaching of Mathematics in Traditional Pedagogy and New Pedagogy, markedly, based on theories of Comenius, Pestalozzi and Montessori. This research is documental and bibliographic. At the end of the analysis, we conclude that: there is a circulation of ideas between the educational thoughts of Comenius, Pestalozzi and Maria Montessori regarding the use of didactic materials and that in the methods proposed by these thinkers Mathematics is associated with practical and gradual activities.]

Language: English, Portuguese

DOI: 10.1590/0104-4060.64213

ISSN: 0104-4060, 1984-0411


Maria Montessori et l'éducation nouvelle [Maria Montessori and the New Education]

Publication: Éducateurs, no. 44

Pages: 86-90

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Language: French

ISSN: 2019-4048

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