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Montessori for the New Millennium: Practical Guidance on the Teaching and Education of Children of All Ages, Based on A Rediscovery of the True Principles and Vision of Maria Montessori

Available from: Taylor and Francis Online

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Abstract/Notes: Although Montessori's name is almost universally known in education circles today, and there are countless nursery schools throughout the world using the "Montessori Method," the real core of her thinking has remained largely misunderstood. Most people regard the method as a system for the education of very young children. And most who have some direct experience of it, either as parent or teacher, would regard it as involving a certain set of procedures and specialized educational materials with clear and elaborate instructions for their use. However, the essence of Montessori's philosophy of education is in reality far broader than this, and contains a powerful message for educators everywhere. What is less well-known about Montessori's work is that she began by establishing the effectiveness of her approach at the pre-elementary level, but also strongly encouraged the extension of her method to the higher levels of education. Wentworth's purpose in writing this book is to elucidate this vital aspect of Maria Montessori's life's work and to show how it applies to real-life teaching situations. She believed that by transforming the process of children's education she could help to transform the attitudes of the adults they will later become, and so those of society and the world at large--a message she promoted as vitally relevant to the future of humankind as a whole.

Language: English

Published: New York, New York: Routledge, 1999

Edition: 1st

ISBN: 978-1-4106-0440-8


✓ Peer Reviewed

Geragogiczny Model Pracy z Seniorami Oparty na Koncepcji Marii Montessori / A Geragogical Model of Working with the Elderly According to the Concept Maria Montessori

Available from: Library of Science (Poland)

Publication: Edukacja Dorosłych, vol. 2017, no. 2 (whole no. 77)

Pages: 225-239

Alzheimer's disease, Dementia, Gerontology, Montessori method of education, Montessori-Based Dementia Programming (MBDP), Montessori-based interventions (MBI)

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Abstract/Notes: The article is a presentation of a model of work with the elderly based on the principles of Maria Montessori pedagogy. The described model provides support for elderly people (also with cognitive deficits) not only in retaining maximum independence and highest possible level of intellectual functions, but also in their development through success-focused learning. Chosen elements adopted from Maria Montessori’s pedagogy such as prepared environment, specific didactic materials, and teacher/companion enable the classes’ participants to learn with joy, enjoying autonomy, respect and dignity. / Artykuł jest prezentacją modelu pracy z osobami starszymi opartej na założeniach pedagogiki Marii Montesssori. Opisywany model jest propozycją wsparcia osób starszych (również z deficytami poznawczymi) nie tylko w zachowaniu maksymalnej samodzielności, utrzymaniu funkcji intelektualnych na możliwie wysokim poziomie, ale także ich rozwój poprzez uczenie się zogniskowane na powodzeniu. Zaadaptowane z pedagogiki Marii Montessori wybrane elementy, m.in. przygotowane otoczenie, specyficzne materiały dydaktyczne, osoba nauczyciela/ towarzysza dają uczestnikom zajęć możliwość uczenia się z radością, poczuciem autonomii, szacunku i godności.

Language: Polish

ISSN: 1230-929X


Maria Montessori und die Probleme der heutigen Pädagogik [Maria Montessori and the problems of today's pedagogy]

Publication: Jugendwohl: katholische Zeitschrift für Kinder- und Jugendfürsorge, vol. 40

Pages: 51-54

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Language: German

ISSN: 0022-5975

Book Section

Personale und soziale Integration nach Montessori [Personal and social integration according to Montessori]

Book Title: 100 Jahre Montessori-Kinderhaus Geschichte und Aktualität eines pädagogischen Konzepts [100 Years of the Montessori Children's Home: History and Topicality of an Educational Concept]

Pages: 312-319


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Language: German

Published: Berlin, Germany: LIT Verlag, 2009

ISBN: 978-3-8258-1650-6

Series: Impulse der Reformpädagogik , 24


Zur Situation der Montessori-Pädagogik in Südkorea [The Situation of Montessori Education in South Korea]

Publication: Montessori: Zeitschrift für Montessori-Pädagogik, vol. 34, no. 2

Pages: 66-67

Asia, East Asia, South Korea

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Language: German

ISSN: 0944-2537


Nutidens og fremtidens paedagogik, barnets frihed og selvopdragelse: en Montessori-betragtning [The pedagogy of the present and the future, the freedom and self-education of the child: a Montessori consideration]

Available from: Royal Danish Library

Publication: Illustreret tidende, vol. 60, no. 26

Pages: 363-364

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Abstract/Notes: This article was digitized by the Royal Danish Library. Each page of the article is available as a separate PDF file. Page 1 (p. 363): http://img.kb.dk/iti/60/pdf/iti_60_0375.pdf Page 2 (p. 364): http://img.kb.dk/iti/60/pdf/iti_60_0376.pdf

Language: Danish


Montessōri kyōiku no hōseki-bako / モンテッソーリ教育の宝石箱 [The Jewel Box of Montessori Education]

Publication: Montessori Kyōiku / モンテッソーリ教育 [Montessori Education], no. 32

Pages: 94-104

Asia, East Asia, Japan

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Abstract/Notes: This is an article from Montessori Education, a Japanese language periodical published by the Japan Association Montessori.

Language: Japanese

ISSN: 0913-4220


Il materiale Montessori in cataloghi editi a New York, Londra, Bucarest, Berlino, Gonzaga tra gli anni Dieci e Trenta [Montessori material contained in some of the catalogues published in New York, London, Bucharest, Berlin, Gonzaga from 1910 up to the 30s]

Montessori materials

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Language: Italian

Published: Castellanza, Varese, Italy: Il Quaderno Montessori, 1993


Vijftig jaar na de opening van de' eerste Montessori School door Dr. Maria Montessori

Available from: Stadsarchief Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Archives)

Publication: Montessori Opvoeding, no. 7

Pages: 7

Fantasy in children

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Language: Dutch


Conferenza di apertura della Dott. Maria Montessori all'8. Congresso internazionale Montessori

Publication: Scuola nostra: rivista quindicinale della scuola elementare del mezzogiorno, vol. 5, no. 1

Pages: 4-5

Maria Montessori - Writings

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Language: Italian

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