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Master's Thesis (Unpublished)

Montessori Education: Philosophical Perspective Study

Montessori method of education - Criticism, interpretation, etc.

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Language: English

Published: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993


AMS-Affiliated Teacher Education Programs

Available from: ProQuest

Publication: Montessori Life, vol. 26, no. 4

Pages: 16-19

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Language: English

ISSN: 1054-0040


Advanced Montessori Method - I. Spontaneous Activities in Education, II. The Montessori Elementary Material [book review]

Available from: HathiTrust

Publication: Educational Review, vol. 56

Pages: 432-438

Book reviews

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Language: English


Využití prvků montessori pedagogiky při edukaci dětí s poruchami autistického spektra v přípravném stupni základní školy speciální / The implementation of montessori education elements into the education of the children with autism spectrum disorders in the preparatory form of the special elementary school

Available from: Univerzita Karlova Institutional Repository

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Abstract/Notes: Cílem diplomové práce je na základě teoretických znalostí získaných studiem odborných materiálů specifikovat a prostřednictvím metody popisu inspirativní praxe představit možnosti využití prvků montessori pedagogiky při edukaci dětí s poruchami autistického spektra v přípravném stupni základní školy speciální. Teoretická část má tři kapitoly. Zabývá se problematikou jedinců s mentálním postižením a je zaměřena na děti s poruchami autistického spektra. Charakterizuje poruchy autistického spektra, jejich etiologii, diagnostiku a možnosti intervencí u osob s poruchami autistického spektra a věnuje se také edukaci dětí a žáků s poruchami autistického spektra a mentálním postižením se zaměřením na přípravný stupeň základní školy speciální. Podrobněji popisuje montessori pedagogiku a její principy. Empirická část představuje charakteristiku výzkumného šetření a popisuje příklad inspirativní praxe při tvorbě prostředí, koncepce obsahu vzdělávání a edukačních materiálů s využitím prvků montessori pedagogiky při edukaci žáků s poruchami autistického spektra v přípravném stupni základní školy speciální. Interpretuje výsledky, shrnuje výzkumné šetření, představuje diskusi a doporučení. / The goal of the diploma work is to demonstrate the possibilities of montessori education elements implementation into the education of the children with autism spectrum disorders in the preparatory form of the special elementary school. This is performed on the basis of the theoretical knowledge gained by the specific material study and by using the methods of the inspiring practice. The theoretical part has three chapters. It deals with the subject of the persons with mental disorder and is mainly focused on the children with the autism spectrum disorders. It describes the autism spectrum disorders, their etiology, diagnosis and the intervention options for people with the autism spectrum disorders. It is dedicated also to the education of children and pupils with the autism spectrum disorders and the mental disorder within the preparatory form of the special elementary school. It introduces in great detail the montessori pedagogy and its elements. The empirical part states the definition of the research inquiry. It also describes an example of the inspiring practice how the class setting, education outline concept and education materials using the elements of the montessori pedagogy into the education of the children with the autism spectrum disorders in the preparatory form of the special elementary school are created. It interprets the outcomes, summarises the research inquiry, introduces discussion and recommendations.

Language: Czech

Published: Prague, Czechia, 2021


✓ Peer Reviewed

Improving Outcomes for Refugee Children: A Case Study on the Impact of Montessori Education Along the Thai-Burma Border

Available from: IEJ Online

Publication: International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, vol. 14, no. 3

Pages: 138-149

Asia, Burma, Displaced communities, Myanmar, Refugees, Southeast Asia, Thailand

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Abstract/Notes: There are 25 million displaced children worldwide, and those receiving schooling are often educated in overcrowded classrooms. Montessori is a child-centred educational method that provides an alternative model to traditional educational approaches. In this model, students are able to direct their own learning and develop at their own pace, working with materials rather than in supervised groups or with direct teacher instruction. Because most children are working alone, teachers have more time to work one-on- one with children even when student-teacher ratios are quite large. This gives teachers increased opportunity to tailor their teaching to the specific needs and strengths of each student. We conducted an evaluation of Montessori classroom conversion for displaced students on the Thai-Myanmar border. We administered the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ) to 66 children before and after classroom conversion and across treatment and control classroom conditions. We then conducted difference in difference testing. All domains showed meaningful improvements in ASQ scores, with the Montessori students gaining 18 points relative to the traditional students (p = 0.33). However, only the personal-social domain of the ASQ was statistically significant (8.8 point gain for the Montessori students relative to the control, p < 0.05) in our underpowered sample.

Language: English

ISSN: 1443-1475, 2202-493X

Book Section

Education in Relation to the Imagination in the Little Child ([San Diego] Lecture 2: 19 July 1915)

Book Title: The California Lectures of Maria Montessori, 1915: Collected Speeches and Writings by Maria Montessori

Pages: 40-50

Americas, International Montessori Training Course (3rd [course 1], Los Angeles and San Diego, USA, May - July 1915), Maria Montessori - Speeches, addresses, etc., Montessori method of education - Study and teaching, Montessori method of education - Teacher training, North America, Panama-California Exposition (1915-1916, San Diego, California), Teacher training, United States of America

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Language: English

Published: Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, 2018

ISBN: 978-1-85109-296-3

Series: The Montessori Series , 15


Public Instruction and Education; Argentina

Available from: Internet Archive

Publication: Bulletin of the Pan American Union, vol. 61, no. 9

Pages: 932

Americas, Argentina, Latin America and the Caribbean, Montessori method of education, South America

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Abstract/Notes: "On April 30 the first municipal kindergarten was opened in Buenos Aires. One hundred and fifty children will be instructed at this kindergarten, using the Montessori system under the direction of Sefiora Matilde Flairoto de Ciampi, a specialist in this method. Plans have already been made and funds appropriated for establishing other municipal kindergartens."

Language: English

ISSN: 2332-9424


La paix et l'éducation

Maria Montessori - Writings, Peace

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Language: French

Published: Roma, Italy: Opera Montessori, 1949

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